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Just Out, West Side Story Suite / West Side Basses!

At last the one you have all been waiting for, West Side basses a twelve minute romp through the finest musical that 20th century America has to offer. This arrangement is a tour de force for all four players making full use of taps and some visual effects as well as pushing techniques for all the quartet this arrangement uses:

Oveture Something's coming I feel pretty Cha cha cha There's a place for us Maria Officer Kropke America

Commissioned by the Principal Bass of the Concertgebouw (Dominic Seldis) who says:

" I commissioned this superb arrangement after being booked by the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to perform in their 'Tracks' series in February 2015. This series likes to stretch the boundary of possibility and imagination of the performer, the instrument that they play and the audience, so my idea of having 4 Dominics ( 3 life size projections and 1 live ) on stage at the same time playing a bass quartet fitted the bill perfectly.

My brief to Ashley was for it to be visually exciting as well as musically and technically challenging and of course he did not disappoint. This arrangement is great fun to play and a hit with audience. Best of luck with playing it, and thanks Ashley!!

Find this piece in the store or on the Spartan Press Page.

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