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We offer a range of music from double bass and piano, four basses or even personalised arrangements. In addition, we also have a page for selling instruments and bows too. Look below to find what you are looking for!


Check out our Fun Quartets

Our Double Bass quartets are designed to be fun for all, aimed at four players with the top two having solid higher techniques and the bottom two good lower abilities. Our aim is to get you laughing by half way through, if you haven't played 'spoonful of sugar' on the bass you have not experienced life to the full.


Piano and Bass, Duos, Transposed pieces etc.

This is the place for Double bass & piano and transposed piano parts. We have arranged some lovely music for bass & piano and most importantly transposed piano parts into orchestral tuning. We have all bought pieces only to find the piano is playing a tone up. Well, we aim to help! Some of my favourite pieces only available for solo tuning are here, if you need one done why not ask?


Get your music straight away!

Need your piano part right now? Don't want to pay postage? Selected pieces available for download in PDF format.


Get in contact for a quote.

Fancy an arrangement just for you? Perhaps you have a tune that you have always wanted to play? Bass quartet, trio, duet and bass & piano available. Both "Woman on D Bass" and "West Side Basses" were done on commission. Come on, you know you want to!


Our Selection of Basses & Bows

Here is the page where we have instruments and bows for sale, all are available to try out just call to come and visit. All types of basses and bows have been through our hands.

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