A huge vote of thanks to those who have allowed Fourbass Music to use their YouTube video, Dominic Seldis for the use of his West Side Basses video. Stuart Thomson and the basses of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra for the use of Basses of the Caribbean, La Traviatas' Basses, West Side Basses and 633 Squadron.

The Bassline for Toot Suite, A 70's Christmas Medley, Snow White, Harry Lime, Dorothys' Basses As time goes by, Alexander's ragtime band and Consider yourself. Dominic Dudley for videos to numerous to mention, Dominic has used his free time during 2020 to record as many of our quartets as he could, please check out his YouTube channel and have a look at his video collection.

West Side Basses 


Toot Suite and Potts Variations (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)


Basses of the Caribbean

Snow White and the Four Basses

SnowW (1)_edited.jpg

Dorothys' Basses (The Wizard of Oz)


The Big Bass Quartet Book

Cinderellas' Basses

cinderellasb 001.jpg

La Traviatas' Basses

Mary Poppins' Basses


Titanic Basses


633 Squadron

Quartet starts 12 minutes in


Harry Lime Theme from the Third Man

Jungle Bits


Captain Corcoran's Basses (from HMS Pinafore)

Marias' Basses (From the Sound of Music)

Yuletide Basses

Jingle Bass Rock (a 70's ish Christmas medley)

Jingle Bass Rock_page-0001.jpg

30 Christmas Carols for Double Bass Quartet

30 Christmas .jpg