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Just Out, Titanic Basses!

You just have not lived until you have played "My heart will go on" on the bass

An arrangement of James Horner's music from the 1997 film Titanic.Based on Edward Peaks popular arrangement for orchestra this arrangement takes seven minutes to go through some of the best music by the late great film composer. watch out for the iceberg moment and enjoy "My heart will go on" Also includes three pieces as played by the ship's salon orchestra. the ever popular "Alexander's ragtime band", the solemn hymn "Nearer, My God to thee" and the fun up tempo fast dance "Come Josephine in my flying machine"


Titanic Basses

  • Alexander's Ragtime Band

  • Come, Josephine In My Flying Machine

  • Nearer, My God To Thee

See our quartet page or go to Spartan press Fourbass music pages for details.

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