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Capuzzi Concerto in three keys!

Antonio Capuzzi's evergreen  concerto for Double bass

Every bass player knows this one and has played at least one movement sometime in their lives.

This PDF presents the concerto in D (orchestral tuning) In E (Solo tuning) and High C major (Orchestral tuning)

In one file it contains;

Piano part in D Major (orchestral tuning & solo tuning for C major Bass part)

Piano Part in E Major (solo Tuning)

Piano Part in C Major (orchestral tuning for C major Bass part)

Double bass part in D Major

Double bass part in high C Major

The file fits the Yorke/ Buccarella edition, IMPORTANT! this supplements the Yorke Edition and does not replace it, you must have the original before purchasing this file.

This title is available only as a pdf download, If you need a printed version I can provide one, just email me with a request, it will be the same price plus postage)

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