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Ghosts For Junior String Orchestra

A first for us at Fourbass Music, we are proud to publish this fun piece for young players by one of the countries most experienced string teacher and coach. "Ghosts" is aimed at young and inexperienced players of around grade 1-2 standard. It is intended to be a fun piece to help pupils explore various areas of technique such as pizzicato, col legno, and glissando among others. There is even an opportunity to stamp their feet! The young musicians can discover how various effects can enhance the subject matter and paint a picture of a creepy and fun ghostly adventure. The printed copy contains; score, 2 Violin 1 parts, 2 Violin 2 parts, 2 Violin 3 parts (This parts doubles the Viola) 2 Viola Parts, 2 Cello parts and one Double bass part.

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