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Hertl Sonata for Double Bass (Orchestral Tuning)

Hertl Sonata for Double bass (Orchestral tuning)

Out now, I have a limited number of printed copies or you can download a pdf

The renowned Czech double bass player, composer, conductor and teacher František Hertl (1906–1973) wrote many concert and teaching pieces for his instrument. An outstanding virtuoso, he had a consummate mastery of his instrument’s expressive potential and sound qualities.

This sonata dates from 1946 remains very popular among double bass players to the present day while being extremely challenging to play.

This edition is presented in orchestral tuning. This music is copyrighted by Barenreiter and this copy is to compliment the

Supraphon/Barenreiter edition and not replace it. You must have the original before purchasing.

This is the PDF Download copy for the Printed copy click here

If you are interested in Frantisek Hertl's wonderful music then visit where you can buy the 30 miniatures for double bass & Piano, lovely short pieces well written for the bass.

It has taken me a while to copy this one, not as challenging to copy as Adolf Misek's music but complicated all the same, especially as I insist on using the original "Good old Sibelius 7" (Does anyone else still use it I wonder)

Next on the list of pieces will be the Concerto by Hertl, ready over the coming months I hope.

There is a lovely article by David Heyes on facebook I encourage you to read it

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