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Oh no! music copying/Misek rant!

Warning! Geeky music copying/Double Bass playing Rant😀As some of you may or may not know I use good old Sibelius 7 on my old Risc pc (yes I know it's old but I know all its little ups and downs) and have done so for almost 30 years, over this time the wonderful notation software has remained solid and stable until.... I started to copy Adolf Misek Double bass sonatas several years ago. Sib 7 obiously hates this stuff as I have never had trouble with anything until now, now look at it! this picture represents the latest "crash" unless Misek himself does not want orchestral tuning parts to his sonatas and has come to haunt me......

If anyone wants to try and guess the piece.... you need to get a life as indeed I do😀

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