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Rota, Divertimento Concertante (Orchestral Tuning) Out Now!

Nino Rota Divertimento Concertante for Double bass and orchestra here in an orchestral reduction in orchestral tuning (G Major) A fantastic and brilliant piece, not for the feint hearted as it is pretty virtuosic in nature Rota was best know for his wonderful film scores however he wrote many operas, chamber and orchestral works, this piece was written for Franco Petracchi. For the PDF copy click here For the printed copy click here Important Copyright Notice This music is printed by Ricordi and they own the copyright, this copy is to go alongside the printed edition from them. You must have the original as well!

Nino Rota, Divertimento Concertante, Orchestral Tuning

£15.95 Price printed

£15.90 PDF

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