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Wallace & Gromit for Double Bass Quartet

Updated: May 9, 2021

The Charming music for the Oscar winning Duo.

1. The Wallace & Gromit Theme 2. Wallace & Gromit and the Four Basses (Suite from The Wrong Trousers) Here you get some wonderful music from the ever popular combination of Wallace the simple inventor and Gromit his long suffering pet dog. Written by Julian Nott this music is a must for you and your bass section or pupils. The theme is an easier version of the theme arranged for Gemma Ashcroft and the Northern Bass Education Network, it is a charming rendition with the top two parts needing grades 7-8 and the bottom two needing grades 5-6. The suite is more demanding with the top two parts needing decent treble clef knowledge and the bottom two needing grades 7-8. lasting only 5/6 minutes in total. It contains some great music from the Oscar winning animation including Train chase, How much is the doggie? Gromit's birthday and many more.

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