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Dittersdorf concerto no. 1 in orchestral (D Major) and solo (E Major) tunings

Being stuck at home due to covid (not nice) I have produced the latest title to help those who need piano parts.

This publication is based on the Schott edition (Ortner) which is in E Flat

Just a PDF download as yet, this publication fits the wonderful Schott edition not the Yorke. the download include not only the Double bass part but the piano part in both orchestral (D major) and traditional solo tuning (E Major)

A printed version will be available in time, if you need one urgently email me and I will sort it asap.

Check out all the other orchestral tuning piano parts PDF downloads at

Let me Know if there is any piece you want transposed, I can add it to my list of projects.

Don't forget the concerto number 2 is also available

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