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Woman on D Bass is a fun Double bass quartet based on the wonderful Trinidadian song "Woman on D Bass" by Irwin Johnson. seven minutes of Caribbean fun for you and your section or pupils. Enjoy the sunshine!


Commissioned by Caitlyn Kamminga who is the Islands Double bass Guru, for her and her students.

A big thank-you to the wonderful Chi-chi Nwanoku MBE for kind use of her photo for the cover (Photo by Eric Richmond)


Irwin Reyes Johnson aka Scrunter is a master of Soca and King of Parang Soca. He has released hits such as 'Bachelor', 'Woman On De Bass', 'Sugar Bum Bum', 'Trombone', 'Homemade Wine', 'Piece Ah Pork', 'Leroy', 'Anita', 'Eat Something Before You Go', That Eh Working Here Tonight', 'De Parang Now Start' and 'Merry Christmas'.


This arrangement works best with two players (Bass 1 and Bass 2) with solid higher techniques, and two players with solid lower abilities. Above all have fun!


Why not have a peek at the preview images and see if you fancy the challenge

Woman on 'D' Bass for Double Bass Quartet

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