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Gliere Scherzo, Double bass & Piano (Orchestral tuning) prined & pdf download

Scherzo for Double Bass & Piano Opus 32 no. 2

The last of the four wonderful pieces by Reinhold Gliere, dedicated to Kousevitzky here in orchestral tuning (F Major) Priced at £7.95 (printed) and £7.90 (pdf) This piece has long been a favourite of all advanced bass players, lyrical 20th centuary romantic music at it's best.

This is the last of the four pieces by Gliere we at Fourbass music have transposed for orchestral tuning. It has been a bit of a labour of love these last few months. It has not been easy to copy this (sometimes complicated ) music but it is here so you don't have too.

Save yourself the ink and paper by buying the printed copy or save postage and print the pdf yourself, the choice is yours.

Why not check out the other transposed pieces we offer and even leave us a message with suggestions for the next project to transpose.

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