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Misek Sonata no 2 Opus 6 Now in Orchestral Tuning

The fabulous Misek second sonata now available in orchestral tuning (D minor)

To go with the wonderful concert Polonaise we present the fabulous Misek Sonata number 2 in Orchestral tuning to compliment your Solo tuning version. Adolf Misek was born in Bohemia the son of a Kapelmeister. Between 1890-1894 he studied with Simandl In Vienna he became a member of the Vienna court opera orchestra and taught at the consevatoire. His music for the Double Bass dates from 1910-1914 and all show his musical roots such as the use of the Furiant in this sonata. At the end of the Great War he left Vienna and took up a position in the National Theatre Orchestra in Prague where he stayed until 1934. Misek died in 1955

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