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Misek Sonata no 2 Opus 6 Now in Orchestral Tuning

The fabulous Misek second sonata now available in orchestral tuning (D minor)

For the printed copy click here

For the PDF download click here

To go with the wonderful concert Polonaise we present the fabulous Misek Sonata number 2 in Orchestral tuning to compliment your Solo tuning version. Adolf Misek was born in Bohemia the son of a Kapelmeister. Between 1890-1894 he studied with Simandl In Vienna he became a member of the Vienna court opera orchestra and taught at the consevatoire. His music for the Double Bass dates from 1910-1914 and all show his musical roots such as the use of the Furiant in this sonata. At the end of the Great War he left Vienna and took up a position in the National Theatre Orchestra in Prague where he stayed until 1934. Misek died in 1955

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